Welcome Vice Prof. Min Li from Jiangxi university of finance and economics, China to be committee member!

Vice Prof. Min Li, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China

Research Area: Human resource and organization behavior

Brief introduction of your research experience:

  Li min is from wuning, jiangxi province. Born in October 1971. Ph D in management, a post-doc at Fudan university, also a visiting scholar at the university of London, and a post-doctoral student at the university of London; an associate professor, and a master of graduate student.The department of human resource management in the school of business administration, jiangxi university of finance and economics;Jiang Cai young and middle-aged backbone teachers, gold medal lecturer, member of the standing committee of the national association of college students' human resource competition, nanchang, China human resources industrial park distinguished experts, nanchang administration of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) distinguished experts, private enterprises association in jiangxi province, jiangxi green industry group human resources management consultant. Presided over the national self-research project "research on the formation mechanism and utility of relationship governance under the background of China" (71362006) and one humanities and social science project of the ministry of education, also participated in three national self-research projects,one national soft science project,  five provincial projects and participated in a number of projects. Hosted or participated in 20 horizontal projects. Teaching courses such as human resource management and interpersonal skills and application in organizations. Published monographs: a study on the effect mechanism of colleague relationship and trust on individual work performance and so on.Participated in the compilation of the textbook, strategic management. Having published more than 20 papers in journals such as journal of management, contemporary finance and economics and journal of soochow university (social science edition). NPC copy materials reproduced in full text of a paper. Communication and evaluation expert of management journal, communication and evaluation expert of national management science department.