April 25-27,2018
Wuxi, China
ICHSSR 2018 News
Mar. 05, 2018

Dr.Liaojian Qu,Jiangnan University/ Department of Education,China

Research Area:Higher education, education policy, faculty development, teacher development, student affairs, student study experience

Research Experience:
Qu Liaojian holds a PhD in Comparative Education from Beijing Normal University and exchange for one year at Pennsylvania State University and University of Michigan. Qu Liaojian is a Assistant Professor and vice chair in the Department of Education at the JNU School of Humanities.
Dr. Qu’s research focuses on higher education, education policy and teacher development. His recent studies include (1) the impact of college education on student outcomes, (2) the efficacy of teacher training programs on teachers development and success, (3) the changing landscape of the education policy and its consequences, and (4) world class discipline at higher education institutions across the globe. His work has appeared in international and comparative educationResearch On Education Tsinghua UniversityHigher Education Explore, China Higher Education ResearchComparative Education Bulletin.

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