April 25-27,2018
Wuxi, China
ICHSSR 2018 News
Jun. 06, 2016
Prof. Julien Chevallier, Universite Paris Dauphine, France

2012: Tenured Associate Professor in Economics (Agregation des Universites)
President: Antoine D'Autume.
2008: Ph.D in Economics (with Distinction), Universite Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense
`The European carbon market (2005-2007): banking, pricing and risk-hedging strategies'.
Supervisor: Gilles Rotillon.
- Ph.D. Thesis Prize `Andre Isore' awarded by the Chancery of Paris Universities, 2009.
- Invited Researcher to the Center for Economic Performance, London School of Economics, 2008.
2005: MSc. in Economics, University of London, UK
The London School of Economics and Political Science.
Major: Environment and Development (with Merit).
2005: Alumnus of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan (Grande Ecole)
Department of economics and management (D2). Site of Bretagne (Ker Lann).
2004: Agregation Externe in Economics and Management
Higher Education System.
2003: Diploma from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), Universite de Strasbourg
Major: Economics and Finance (EcoFi). (with Merit).
Exchange Student at Georgetown University, Washington, DC USA.
2003: B.A. in Economics, Universite Pierre-Mendes-France Grenoble
Major: Analysis of Economic Policies.
1999: Preparation for the competitive examinations of the French `Grandes Ecoles'
Hypokh^agne, Lycees Berthollet & Lakanal.

Articles in refereed journals:

83. Zhu, B., Wang, K., Chevallier, J., Wang, P., and Wei, Y.M. 2015. `Can China achieve its
carbon intensity target by 2020 while sustaining economic growth?'. Ecological Economics (Cat.
AgrEnEnv 1), 119, 209-216.
82. Branger, F., Quirion, P., and Chevallier, J., 2015. `Carbon leakage and competitiveness of
cement and steel industries under the EU ETS: much ado about nothing'. The Energy Journal
(Cat. AgrEnEnv 1), forthcoming.
81. Chevallier, J. and Goutte, S. 2015. `Estimation of Levy-driven Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes:
Application to modeling of CO2 and fuel-switching'. Annals of Operations Research (Cat. OR
2), forthcoming.
80. Zhu, B., Shi, X., Chevallier, J., Wei, Y.M. and Wang, P. 2016. `An adaptive multiscale ensemble
learning paradigm for nonstationary and nonlinear energy price time series forecasting'. Journal
of Forecasting (Cat. Metrie 3), forthcoming.
79. Liu, S., Chevallier, J. and Zhu, B. 2016. `Self-scheduling of a power generating company: carbon
tax considerations'. Computers & Operations Research (Cat. OR 2), 66, 384-392.
78. Zhang, Y.J., Jin, Y.L., and Chevallier, J. 2016. `The e ect of corruption on carbon dioxide
emissions in APEC countries: a panel quantile regression analysis'. Technological Forecasting &
Social Change (Cat. Innov 2), forthcoming.
77. Chevallier, J. and Goutte, S. 2016. `On the estimation of regime-switching Levy models'.
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (Cat. Metrie 3), forthcoming.
76. Chevallier, J. and Goutte, S. 2016. `Cross-country performance of Levy regime-switching models
for stock markets'. Applied Economics (Cat. GEN 2), forthcoming.
75. Chevallier, J, Aboura, S., Jammazi, R. and Tiwari, A.K. 2016. `The place of gold in the crossmarket
dependencies'. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (Cat. Metrie 3),

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