April 25-27,2018
Wuxi, China
ICHSSR 2018 News
Jun. 01, 2016

Prof.Sung-Bong Yang, Yonsei University, South Korea

Among various challenginges in mobile social networks I have focused on such problems as routing, security, and information influence maximization. I have been published various novel forwarding schemes incorporating the results of social network analysis, dimension reduction, and graph theoretic approaches. Some results on network security issues such as Sybil attacks as well as on influence maximization are currently under review. The research results have bee published in various journals such as Wireless Networks, Telecommunication Systems, and Adhoc & Sensor Wireless Networks. The followings are recent publications in juornals;
· A cooperative forwarding scheme for social preference-based selfishness in mobile social networks, Wireless Network (2016) 22:537–552.
· A Forwarding Scheme based on Swarm Intelligence and Percolation Centrality in Opportunistic Networks, Wireless Networks, accpeted.
· An Adaptive Routing Algorithm Considering Position and Social Similarities in Opportunistic Network, Wireless Networks, accpeted.
· A Social Overlay-based Forwarding Scheme for Mobile Social Networks, Wireless Networks, accpeted.
· A scalable mobility-based replica allocation scheme in a mobile ad-hoc network, Telecommunication Systems (2015) 60: 239-250.
· Snapshot: a forwarding strategy based on analyzing network topology in opportunistic networks, Wireless Newtorks (2015) 21: 2055-2068.
· HCS: hierarchical cluster-based forwarding scheme for mobile social networks, Wireless Netwroks (2015) 21:1699-1711.
· Hotspot: Location-based Forwarding Scheme in an Opportunistic Network, AD HOC & SENSOR WIRELESS NETWORKS(2015)26:151-170.
· A Direction Entropy-Based Forwarding Scheme in an Opportunistic Network, Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (2014)8:173-179.
· A fully distributed replica allocation scheme for an opportunistic network,Wireless Networks (2014) 20:733-745.
· Fuzzy inference-based super peer selection for a practical double-layered mobile peer-to-peer system, AD HOC & SENSOR WIRELESS NETWORKS(2014)21:327-351.

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