April 25-27,2018
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May. 31, 2016

Prof.Doriana M. D'Addona, Department of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Production Engineering, Italy

Brief introduction:
The research activities of Doriana M. D’Addona, carried out at the Fraunhofer J_LEAPT, Dept. of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Production Engineering, University of Naples Federico II., can be grouped into two main areas, namely:
(a)     Manufacturing Processes and Automation
(b)    Intelligent Computation for Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
The work on Manufacturing Processes and Automation deals with technological innovation in manufacturing engineering, sensor monitoring of manufacturing processes, sensor techniques for process analysis and monitoring in unattended production systems, concerning the concept of an instrument to support basic studies on manufacturing processes, as well as that of a monitoring technique to provide feedback information to the process controller. Particular attention is dedicated to the synergic integration of information simultaneously obtained from multiple sensors of different nature and for the automatic decision making procedures through intelligent sensors systems on cutting conditions and tool wear during the process.
The research on Intelligent Computation for Materials and Manufacturing Engineering stems from the observation that, with the current rate of computer development, more and more decisional activities at low level in industry are being delegated to machines, with people concentrating on fewer decisional activities at high level. Intelligent computing methods for the solution of such production engineering problems as planning, parameter identification, selection and optimization, process monitoring and control, and related decision making, are dealt with. In the process monitoring, the intelligent computation methodologies are applied to the processing of sensorial information for process monitoring and control are those based on expert systems, artificial neural network, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, hybrid systems.
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